A Poem

Life is really not that long
To train oneself become strong.
But life is full of surprise,
And soon, friends come and arise

Friends shatter all the dark side;
Tell you, "Never, ever hide.
Cause the battle has began,
And together we will run. "

"When you fall, I'll pick you up
Times empty, I'll fill your cup
When you cry, I'll dry your tears
Help you take away your fears."

But one day someone will tap,
Tell you it's time to wake up
That life in reality
No one will ever stay.

Now it’s time to get ready,
Because friends are not teddy
They have feet to come and go.
Yes! They’ll leave, but they love you.

© Ebyoung March 9, 2015

Ivy Jean Bongcac

Daughter | Aspirant Writer and Poet | Teacher | XXV

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