Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Adulting is the most crucial phase in life. It is the very moment one decides to choose what’s best for the future. Speaking of which, what could be scarier than imagining a life and not seeing a vision of what it looks like. It is indeed, terrifying.

As one enters the pinnacle of life’s decision making sometimes there are reversal; the feeling of being drawn away from the goal, of course some part still wants to fool around, have fun, explore the world and be free. “YOLO” become a famous maxim encouraging people who are young to be wild and free. If only it is possible to live like that forever. But, hail NO!

Age is just a number. Some people are just extremely embarrassed when they are asked “how old are you?” Adulting is so much more than age! It is more than throwing a birthday celebration, blowing a cake and gaining a number in your age. It is more than the splendid year that was added into your life. It is more than the struggles you have overcome throughout the entire year. It is more than the good memories from good friendships and camaraderie of colleagues you have built this whole time. Adulting is not something that is counted with fingers, not even an oral exam that one start enumerating stuff like achievements, medals, trophies, etc. Like it or not, those are not the measure. Instead, it is responsibility upon responsibility. The fact is a lot of people are allergic to the word, “responsibility.” Well, responsibility comes with expectations and disappointments, truth be told, most people hate the latter.

Wrinkle is just a skin. Just because a person has wrinkles he/she is considered an adult. Ridiculously unreasonable! Adulting is so much more than wrinkles! In fact, it really has nothing to do with adulting. Wrinkles are normal results of the physical body deteriorating due to worries and stress. Everyone gets to experience it regardless of gender, status, etc. It’s just a matter of time.

Unconsciously, I’m adulting. One is on the prime of adulting when waking up early in the morning is the worst part of the day, when clock and calendar becomes an important app in the smartphone, smartwatch or laptop, when rush hour and traffic jams are but a part of the daily routine, when resting is nowhere to be found in the to-do list, when wants are narrowed down to needs, when bills are highly on top of the hierarchy of necessity, when sleeping, drinking and hanging out with friends are not meant for pleasure but a way of escape from this tortuous world, when the motive of living is 90% mainly for survival, when priorities are sickening, when the pressure is overwhelming, when fear and doubts are like shadows hovering around even in broad daylight, when quitting is not an option, when it is not fun anymore. Henceforth, I’m adulting!